Not just a supplier, but a partner always attentive to the needs of its customers

HTC ITALIA provides special services based on customer requirements, making available technical and production skills and seeking to create a project synergy with partners to achieve their objectives.


Extrapolation of the drawing of our product from the general project of the customer’s machine. We offer technical solutions for processing or materials that can be used to achieve the same or higher yield while optimising costs.

Welding on account for manufacture

We carry out welding on components supplied by the customer, to be assembled or pre/spot-welded. We can offer welding or other processing on heat exchangers at our subsidiary’s works.

Welding on-site

We can carry out welding on our customers’ premises with certified operators and all the required documentation.

Inspection tests

For a higher guarantee on our products, in addition to standard air testing, we can also perform tests with penetrating liquids, non-destructive tests and x-rays with the support of our certification body.

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